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ATCC Culture Guides


Purple, red and black human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

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Easy-to-Follow Culture Guides

Culturing biological materials can be challenging at times even for the expert culturist. With nearly a century of expertise with cell and microbial cultures, ATCC has acquired and developed a vast body of best practices to aid researchers at all levels of proficiency to maximize the return on their biomaterials investment. The guides below deliver that knowledge and insight to the end user in a portable, easy-to-follow format.

Culture guides for reproducible results

Animal Cell Culture Guide

ATCC Animal Cell Culture Guide

This guide contains general technical information for working with animal cells in culture, including media, subculturing, cryopreservation, and contamination.

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Bacteriology Culture Guide

ATCC Bacteriology Culture Guide

This guide contains general technical information for the growth, propagation, preservation, and application of fastidious and non-fastidious bacterial species.

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hTERT Immortalized Cell Culture Guide

ATCC hTERT-immortalized Cell Culture Guide

hTERT-immortalized cells are an attractive replacement for both primary and transformed cell lines. Find out how to culture these cells for your research.

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Introduction to Microbiology

ATCC Introduction to Microbiology Guide

New to microbiology? Learn the best practices for aseptic technique, laboratory safety, and successful culturing techniques.

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Mycology Culture Guide

ATCC Mycology Culture Guide

Access detailed information on the growth, handling, propagation, preservation, and application of yeasts and filamentous fungi.

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Organoid Culture Guide

ATCC Organoid Culture Guide

Organoids are micro tissues grown within a 3-D extracellular matrix; these complex models better represent in vivo physiology and genetic diversity than existing two-dimensional cell lines.

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Primary Cell Culture Guide

ATCC Primary Cell Culture Guide

Primary cells retain the physiologies of their parent tissues. Access detailed information on the best practices of culturing and maintaining these versatile cells. Get your culture guide.

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Protistology Culture Guide

ATCC Protistology Culture Guide

Culturing protists can be challenging. Use our detailed guide to explore expert tips and techniques for the growth, handling, preservation of protists.

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Stem Cell Culture Guide

ATCC Stem Cell Culture Guide

Stem cell culture remains a challenge, even with the knowledge that scientists have gained over the past decades. Learn best practices for keeping your stem cells happy.

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Virology Culture Guide

ATCC Virology Culture Guide

Viral strains can be difficult to propagate. Explore our expert tips and techniques for propagating viruses in tissue culture and embryonated chicken eggs.

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