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2024 Webinars

Caco-2 ezrin.png Webinar

Does all Disease Begin in the Gut? Monitoring the Barrier Function of an In Vitro Gut Mimic

Here we discuss incorporating ATCC cells into studies using a novel method to measure TEER in a complex gut model.

CRISPR-Cas9 system iStock-859573154.jpg Webinar

Integrating ATCC Authenticated Cell Lines into your CRISPR Gene Editing Workflows

In this webinar our experts will discuss points to consider when choosing cells for genome editing, including cell procurement, banking, authentication, and characterization. An EditCo scientist will then showcase the applications of the many genome editing workflows that they provide.

Checkpoint inhibitor therapeutic antibody blocking PD-1 protein on T cell and preventing it to bind to PD-1L on cancer cell Webinar

Bioluminescent Insights: Reporter Cell Lines in Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapeutic Development

Watch the presentation to hear ATCC scientists discuss the application of immune checkpoint reporter cell lines in gamma interferon stimulation assays and immune cell co-culture assays and share insights on how these cell lines can be adopted into checkpoint reporter assay workflows.

Green, blue and red organoid cells. Webinar

Novel 3-D In Vitro Models for Studying Pancreatic Cancer Drug Response and Resistance

In this webinar, Dr. Walsh will discuss the methodologies and experimental approaches used to develop patient-derived organoids and isogenic primary cell lines as well as a method of recapitulating primary cell line cultures to organoids.

vascular-system veins full of blood iStock_000025923936_Full.jpg Webinar

Get to the Heart of Your Toxicological Studies with Immortalized Primary Cells

This webinar discusses how modified primary cells are effective tools that provide tissue-relevant results and reproducibility for any cell-based assay, including toxicology assays.

DNA small.jpg Webinar

ATCC Cell Line Land: Reference-Quality RNAseq Data from Credible ATCC Cell Lines

In this webinar, an ATCC scientist will present a state-of-the-art digital platform that offers comprehensive whole-transcriptome sequencing data for ATCC's cell lines.

 3D illustration of Fat cells or adipose cells Webinar

The Development of a Standard In Vitro Model for Studying Metabolic Diseases

This webinar shows how a well-characterized pair of immortalized BAT and WAT cells are anticipated to become important models for future physiological, pharmacological, and genetic studies of human adipocytes biology.